Tuesday 27/04/10

“Mr Gates once told me that money is not important. I answered him with a question. Who he thought he would be without his money. I am still waiting for his answer.”

Mark, Software, Holland. The above, is one of 12 comments and quotes, that I received in the websites comment box . All sent from Mark, a former passenger. All of  his quotes and comments will be uploaded in the near future.

“My mother is far too intelligent to understand anything she does not like.” Arnold Bennett, Novelist

Fran, Sculpture

“A family with the wrong members in control – that perhaps is as near as one can come to describing  England in a phrase.” George Orwell

Leonardo, Retail

“Frustration is the illness of the brain.”

Alice, Professional Flamenco Dancer

“Aim high, there’s plenty of room.”

Nick, Media