Tuesday 16/10/12

“Rise and rise until the lambs become lions.”

Adam, Director

“I think everybody should be a bit more relaxed and then life is gonna be a bit more enjoyable.”

Victoria, Russia

“Ignorance is structure-less knowledge.” Nietzsche

Hannah, 40, TV Producer

“Theology is unnecessary.” Stephen Hawkins

Matt, New Zealand

“Get hard or die trying.”

Curtis, Natalie, Sue, & Fred, Manchester

“Sing like nobody is listening, dance like nobody is watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, live like heaven on earth.”


Black Cab Quotes wishes NATALIE a very happy 30th birthday

Saturday 06/10/12

Symbolic gallery's "Johnnie Angelini" gets his teeth stuck into "Black Cab Wisdom"

  “You kiss by th’ebook.” Shakespeare

Francesca, 19, student, Italy

“For everything that is cheap, there is a reason – there is a myth to the madness.”

Ricardo, 24, Brazil

“In every joke, there is a little bit of joke.”

Lidia, 30, entrepreneur, Croatia

“Modernity of confession = back of cab.”