Thursday 28/11/13

“Follow your dreams for they are our hope for the future.”

Sarah, Islington

“The best thing that can be said of someone is that he or she is considerate and thoughtful of others.”

Sam, Barrister

“Enjoy every day as it comes, it is a gift.”

Irene, Persia

“Carpe Diem.”

“Seize the dog.”

James & Tracey (the above two)

Tuesday 26/11/13

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“Never give up & don’t lose it.”

Victor, Homeless, Waterloo

“A soft answer turns away anger.”

Nigel D, Law Student, Sierra Leone

 “There is always someone better and there is always somebody worse.”

Josh, Canary Wharf

“Why the f**k are we driving through a tunnel when there is a pub above us!”

Anonymous, Wapping

Friday 22/11/13

“Think before speaking, use only words that work, be effective, add value, and don’t f*nny about because life is too short.”

David,58, Project Manager

“Those that danced were laughed at by those that could not hear the music.”

Daisy Long (Ballerina) and Chris & Erin

Monday 18/11/13

“A man’s face is his autobiography. A woman’s face is her work of fiction.” Oscar Wilde

Anonymous, Kensington

“If we don’t change our course, we will end up where we’re heading.”

Paul, Publisher, Bergen Norway

“This cab is everything you need. No more no less.”

Daniel, Engraver

Tuesday 12/11/13

“I aim to maximise morale in life for my family and friends. Money enables me to do this, and that is why I work hard.”

“Life is too short to live being somebody you’re not.”  Paraphrasing Steve Jobs

Miram, Doctor (the above two)

“In a perfect work, in a perfect way, I give a perfect service, for a perfect pay.”

Susie & Onagh, Public Relations

“Don’t let your boss get you down.”

Anonymous, Denmark

Wednesday 06/11/13

“Old ways do not open new doors.”

Rob, 24, Sparky

“A 2013 survey revealed the top 5 regrets in life. No 5 was ‘I wish I had been happier.’ Be happy. Be silly.”

Anonymous, Scrip Writer

“Life is a journey, bid for it & win it.”