Friday 16/08/13

“As you get older, everything gets harder, except the one thing you want to!”

 Dave the Scaffolder

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.”

Hamish M, Scotland

“You only live once, so make sure you take a black cab.”



Monday 12/08/13

“Better suffer today, but live the rest of your life as champion.” inspired by Muhammad Ali

Cristina, Moldova

Advice to a friend on her 40th birhday…

“Work it like a Chinese gymnast: wear something tight, force a smile, and lie about your age!”

Mark, 35, Dublin

Friday 02/08/13



“If the man opens the door of the car for a woman, it is either a new car, or a new woman.”

Elena, Account manager, Russia

“The first woman who insisted on opening the car door for herself ruined it for all the other sisters.” inspired by Joan Rivers


“Bad girls for life! We ride together, die together.”

Amy, Student