Friday 24/08/12

“It doesn’t matter if they’re laughing with you, or at you, as long as there’s laughter.”

Annabell D, 22, Film industry, Yorkshire

 “Mistakes are always forgiveable, if one has the courage to admit them.” Bruce Lee

 Sav, Magician,

“Be seen but not heard.”

Michael Ford, Oscar winning film set decorator

“If you are concerned about a problem, think about what importance it will have in 10 minutes, 10 weeks, and then 10 years from now.”

Karolina, Belsize Park/Sweden

 “Ability is what you’re capable of doing.

Motivation determines what you do.

Attitude determines how well you do it.”

Lynne & Peter, Wigan

Wednesday 22/08/12

 “Don’t forget to stop what you’re doing every now and again, look around you and enjoy.”

Zoe K, Londoner

 “I have always flourished ploughing my own furrow.”

Claire, Business Owner

 “Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do as die.” The Charge of the Light Brigade (Poem)


 “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Gandhi

Sumeeta, Accountant

 “When in Rome do as the Romanians do.”


Friday 17/08/12

“Everyone salutes the rising sun.”

Dr Rana, India

 “Follow me love, I’ll be right behind you!”


 “A Pink sausage is a dangerous sausage!”


“An idea can lead you anywhere – good or bad – but whatever happens or whenever the night ends, it’s an adventure to learn from, and it’s a pleasure to meet some truly decent people along the way. Embrace every opportunity.”

Helen, Law Student

“Drive on driver.”

“The future lies ahead.”

Bob, Maida Vale

Thursday 16/08/12

“Every man is content with their mind, but very few are content with their luck.”

Rajwah, Lawyer, Saudi Arabia

 “We few, we happy few…”

Henry, USA

 “I’m a grown-up please let me make my own decision – good or bad.”

Titiana, Putney

 “True change comes from within.” Rumi


 “To finish an evening with a good conversation is a fine thing.”

Campbell,  Film Producer

 “The uglier the monkey, the more he plays.” Persian saying


Wednesday 15/08/12

“If they give you lined paper write across the lines.”

Yvonne, Teacher 

 “Buy income producing assets.”

Richard Dinan, Actor – Made in Chelsea

 “Nobody died wishing they’d spent more time at the office.”

Glyn B

“The more you run over a dead cat the flatter it gets.”

“Don’t grow up – it’s a trap.”

Esther (the above two)

Tuesday 14/08/12

 “A life less ordinary – YES PLEASE.”

Georgina, North London

 “Only those who risk going to far can possibly find out how far one can go.” T.S. Eliot

Oliver Griffiths, Singer, The  Swingle Singers

“I was living in a house by the sea. But as I had to pass a bar to get to the beach, I never actually made it to the water.” George Best

D. L. H

Monday 13/08/12

“If you spot it you got it.”

“I hope they enjoyed talking about me as much as I enjoyed talking about them.”

Peter P, 30,  Artist, Earth (the above two)

 “He who digs a trap for his brother falls into it.”


 “We’re two Russians in London wondering about this cities early closing pubs and clubs?”

Nika & Xenia, Russia