Tuesday 26/04/11

“Live in the red, it’s all about age, speed, & capacity.”

Jammy Beggar, Managing Director

“A good artist borrows, a great artist steals.” T.S. Eliot

“I like mine to come out in conversation.Mark the driver, (referring to quotes and proverbs coming out in conversation, not anything else!)

Rachel (the above two)

“Manipulation drives the world, not love, not dreams. Freedom is just an illusion.”

Betty, Portugal

“Be yourself.”

Johnnie Nightlife

Thursday 21/04/11

“Death comes to us all eventually, wealth is no barometer. Live life to the full- no consequences.”

Steve I, Banker

“Wash your face with soap before you shave, it softens the bristles.”


“You’ve got to mix the practical with the profound, that’s the two parts of life.”


Wednesday 20/04/11

“Jet lag is just a state of mind.”

Mehdi, Art Director (pictured above)

“When you find you are by yourself, you truly find yourself.”

Yander, 25, Bartender / traveller,  Australia

“In God I trust, all others bring data.”


“Go with the flow.”

Clare D

Friday 15/04/11

“The stronger the wind the higher you fly.”

KC, Financial Software Designer

“F..k! my minds gone blank!”

Mathilde & Scott

“Never bet on horses or go out with loose women. Or is it the other way around?”


Thursday 14/04/11

“We are making a mess of the heaven we are actually living in.”

Frank, Educational Researcher, Holland

“Don’t look back look forward.”

Annette, SW6

“I Love money, it’s the only thing that stays with me in the morning, doesn’t cheat on me & makes me happy.”


“You’re only as old as you feel, so don’t let anyone touch you!

Peter, Publisher, USA

Wednesday 13/04/11

“Keiner ist weise, der nicht das dunkel kennt.” meaning No one is wise who does not know the dark.”

Lisa & Giles, Tourists, Luxembourg

“It isn’t for the moment you are stuck that you need courage, but for the long uphill climb back to sanity and faith and security.” Anne Morrow

Ruby, K.S.A

“This town f**ks everyone.”

Ian, Media

“Music first.”

Michelle,  Music Distributor

Friday 08/04/11

Jordan, Elliot, Mickey & Jimmy insist that the recent hot spell hasn’t affected them.....

“I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.” Invictus

Marcus, Lawyer

“I didn’t make the decision, I approved it.”

Tony & Nicky

“Black cabbies are groovier than yellow ones!”