Tuesday 28/02/12

“The important thing is never to stop questioning.” Einstein

“Good books are written by people who are not frightened.” George Orwell

Anonymous Australian, West Hamstead (the above two)

“People who are happiest are the ones who are content.”

“Freedom is a blessing.”

Edmond H, Hong Kong & London

“Can I pay with the furry cheque book?”

Ash, Project Manager

Monday 27/02/12

“Bite together and go through it… (whatever it is).”

 Coco, Dentist, Germany

“Show no fear.”

Jenny Jones,  Green Party Politician

“Let us go then, you and I

when the evening is spread out against the sky

Like a patient etherised upon a table.” T.S. Eliot

Alice, Journalist

“Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser.” Vince Lombardi

Megan, Reporter

Thursday 23/02/12

“Be yourself completely (otherwise you are not living).”

 Chloe Norgaard, Model, New York City

“Read God’s words and pray everyday.”

 Heini & Beinta, Fisherman & Photographer, Faroe Islands

“Remember to kiss and dance all through life – especially before you settle down!”

“Rødgrød Med Fløde” Danish tounge twister..

 Anonymous (the above two)

Tuesday 21/02/12

“What gets measured gets done.”

Rob Strange, CEO, Institute of Occupational Safety and Health

“A merry heart does good like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries the bones.”


“Don’t assume anything; don’t expect anything, just work hard.”

Amy, 27, Media Officer

“Whatever you do, whatever you achieve, nothing, absolutely nothing, come close to having a child.”

Stuart, Proud Dad

Sunday 19/02/12

“It’s nice to belong.”

London Ex Boxers Association

“I have spread my dreams under your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” W.B Yeats


“Absence makes the heart grown fonder, but if you leave me now I’ll hate you forever.”

Alesea, CFO

Thursday 16/02/12 – London Fashion Week

Northumbria's fashion mafia! Billie, Jessica, Laura (front), Lucy & Selina (All fashion students) have arrived… You’ve been warned.

“You live to find the meaning.”

Billie, Jessica, Laura, Lucy & Selina, Fashion Students (pictured above)

“Live your passion and live with passion.”

Lisa, North America

“Cabbies give us a mirror into our own soul- they show us a side of us we don’t often see – a listening voice and an unseen smile.”

Hugh, Lawyer

Friday 03/02/12

“If you’re walking on thin ice you might as well dance.”

“When the coach stops yelling at you, it means he doesn’t care anymore.”

Kyle,31, E commerce (the above two)

K.I.S.S – “Keep it simple stupid”

Celeste, 31

“Life is short, make the most of it.”


“Legend. He who drives is king!”

Andrew, Banking, De Beauvoir Town

Wednesday 01/02/12

“If it wasn’t for the shadows you would not see the light.”

Abbie H, 34, Museums

“If you’re not wasted, the day is.”

Tumi, 18, Student

“Success is not about how high you are, it’s about how high you bounce back up when you reach rock bottom.”