Wednesday 27/02/13

Life is full of two mirrors, “The Light” in which you look upon, with no regrets, the things you did or said. Or “The Black” the things you wished and hoped you had once said, or regretted.”

Kelly, West Bromton

“The government should fear the people. The people shouldn’t fear the government.”

Rob, Martial Artist

Tuesday 26/02/13

“Those blessed with the power of accurate observation are usually dismissed as cynics.”

Nisar, Construction Manager

“If you don’t ask (politely), you don’t get.”

“The extra 1% makes all the difference.”

Vicky (The above two)

“It gets bigger and smaller freely. Endlessly, it’s up to me.”

Alex M

Saturday 16/02/13


“It all started with a dream and a mouse.” Walt Disney

Karli & Camilla, Camden

“Nothing matters as much as you think it does whilst you are thinking about it.” inspired by Daniel Kahneman

Laura, 31, New York

“Down, but not out!! Casinos are not my friends.”

Darren B

Friday 15/02/13


“If you wanna find out what’s behind these cold eyes. You’ll just have to claw your way through this disguise.” Pink Floyd


“Life is short, you must make the most of it.”

Yesenia, Colombia

Wednesday 13/02/13

“I hate innuendo. Whenever I see it I just have to whip it out.” Kenneth Williams

Chloe, Art Director

But at my back I always hear
Time’s winged chariot hurrying near;
And yonder all before us lie
Deserts of vast eternity. Andrew Marvel

Anonymous, Catford

Tuesday 12/02/13

Evolution of life in London..

Year 1:  Overwhelmed…too much going on

Year 2: Learn to chill out it’s ok not to do everything

Year 3: Appreciation…you found your groove

Year 4:  You’re feeding off it…

Year 5:  If you aint gone you are here for life

Yann, 37, Canadian

Wednesday 06/02/13

Rule#1: Don’t f*ck up

Rule#2: Don’t take any sh*t from anyone

Rule#3: Any decision is better than indecision

Rule#4: Break the rules, not the law

Rule#5: Don’t take yourself to seriously

Ben M

“Sono di tutte e dinessuna!” – “I belong to all of them and to none! (Re the ladies)”