Friday 28/03/14

“Don’t grow up it’s a trap.”
“Do not get a passion; it is just narrowing your mind.”

Thomas, 37, France (the above two)

“Whatever you give in life comes back in abundance.”
“Reputation can only be lost once.”

 Anonymous, Willesden (the above two)

“Always follow your gut. Except to the Doner kebab shop.”

Kate, Lawyer

Monday 24/03/14

“If the foundations are crumbly, the building will fall down.”

Renee, 30, Programme Analyst & James, 32, Management Consultant

“Life is a fairground.”

Keir Harrris, Photographer

“When what’s real comes, what’s partial will fade away.” Corinthians


“Train, train, train, save the pain.”

Simon W, Military Man  

“C’est le ton qui fait la musique.” –  “It is the tone that makes music.”

Michele, 25, Risk Analyst

Friday 21/03/14

“London is a great city to be loved & Enjoyed. But remember, you need to rule it, don’t let it rule you.”

Yolly G, Australia

“Stay cool & go with the flow.”

Mark, Service man

“Here are the robbers of London town with crowbars and skeleton keys, they prowl and creep when you’re asleep..” ‘Cops and Robbers story ‘ by Janet & Allan Ahlberg


Monday 03/03/14

“Imagine your own planet – populate it, dissolve it, complicate it, allow it to blossom & proliferate. Before you know it, it will exist. Before you know it, it will be an actual place.”

Sophie, 41, Curator

“It takes a worried man to sing a worried song.  I’m worried now but I won’t be worried long.”

“Attitude = Success”

Anonymous (the above two)