Friday 17/12/10

“It is easy to make a decision between good and bad, but always difficult to choose the right path between two good choices.”

Shelly, Banking

“Telecommunication can never replace real communication.”

“Absence makes your heart grow fonder.”

Polina, Siberia,  the above two are dedicated to her family and friends in Siberia who she misses very much.

“Whatever happens, there will be an outcome.”

“It’s left at the next lights where that car is turning.”

“If it ain’t broke, don’t break it.”

Tim, 44, Dentist (the above three)

“Scottish people (as courtesy to the queen) should try and speak clearer English.”

Anonymous, France (A friendly message to her new Aberdeen colleagues!)

“In Hollywood they pay 50 cents for your soul, and a million dollars for a kiss.” I have this tattooed on my backside (that’s the passenger not the driver!)


“Anonymous was always a woman.”

Sarah, 20, English Literature Student

“Always leave the loo nicely for the next person who uses it.”

Alice, 23, Charity Worker