Monday 07/06/10

Mike and Siobhan having a scream...

“Nothing succeeds like a bird with no teeth.”

Siobhan & Mike

“The destruction of the mind is only human.”

Anonymous, Panama

“Tomorrow doesn’t have to be another yesterday.”

Enrico Maria, Italy

Q: What’s the cause of divorce?

A: Marriage

“Buy one for the price of two and you get the second one free.”

“When you row a man to the other side of the river you get there yourself.”

“Consultant: If you can’t be part of the solution, there’s a lot of money to be made by prolonging the problem, if you find a solution redefine the problem!”

“Be the man your dog thinks you are.”

“There’s no I in team but there’s me.”

“Men are like car parking spaces, the best ones are taken”

Chris, Bianca & the Singapore crowd